About Us


At Kingkus, we make design happen. For over a decade, Kingkus has been at the forefront of architectural design and fabrication, delivering groundbreaking, award-winning products and custom projects, working in collaboration with architects and interior designers around the world.


Creativity, expert knowledge, and cutting-edge technology shape everything we do—from our beginnings in acoustic panel, to our range of flexible architectural products and customizable systems, to our fully custom Kuspanel projects. Think of us as the fabricators of possibility.


Kingkus, covering an area of 15,000 square meters, is located in the north of Shanghai. It is a private enterprise in rapid development, and has been committed to the development, production and sales of architectural acoustic materials. In the future building decoration industry, new products are widely used in cinemas, auditoriums, meeting rooms, gymnasiums, audio-visual rooms, home cinemas, studios, interrogation rooms and other places.


Relying on professional team, advanced product production technology and unique design concept, Kingkus has completed many domestic and foreign related projects and product upgrading research and development, providing one-stop service of acoustic design, decoration design, construction process design and sound-absorbing acoustic products. With the initial registered capital of 2 million dollars, the company has the new sixth generation intelligent production line in 2022. And other large equipment more than 10 sets. And establish two manual and machine quality inspection procedures in the later stage, accumulate drip improvement, towards perfect quality.

The enterprise culture

Enterprise culture: keep the right path and keep the right path.

Enterprise goal: the road is not lonely, the world is one

Enterprise spirit: unity, cooperation, concerted, win-win, with Germany, concentric, pioneering, passionate

Code of conduct: Courteous, sincere, professional, optimistic

Corporate vision: People-oriented, performance philosophy, team spirit, the pursuit of excellence.

Quality policy: service perseverance, quality and excellence.

Environmental policy: zero emission, recyclable

Occupational health and safety policy: people-oriented, scientific management; Full participation, emphasis on implementation; Care for life, safety first;

Environmental commitment: production environmental protection, material environmental protection, environmental protection, environmental recovery