Kingkus New Material Co., Ltd.

Kingkus, which began as Kingforest, started construction & real estate business from 1997, it's one of the largest MDF panel,plywood and other building and decor materials supplier based in central China.  Kingkus entered the sound-absorbing board industry in 2010, at the same time, we open a sound-absorbing board factory in Jiangsu.After six years development, as one of the leading acoustic panel manufacturers, we create kingacoustic Sound-absorbing board base material supply chain. Kingkus and Kingacoustic products are both functional and decorative in order to enhance our living quality. In 2016, together with designers and architects from around the world,This year we start developing furniture with sustainable,functional and attractive design for modern meeting places. Our operations are built on genuine local craftmanship tradition which we combine with the latest technological advances.